14 June 2021
ExcludedUK statement in response to today’s announcement by PM
Further to the Prime Minister’s announcement today, ExcludedUK reiterates that +3 million UK taxpayers have been left without support for 15 months and continue to be left out in the cold. This announcement only reinforces the ever urgent need to support those affected who have faced and will continue to face harsh financial difficulty and mounting debt as time passes.
Rebuilding our economy necessitates helping all those individuals and businesses who have been excluded from support, either entirely or largely, who make up a huge swathe of our workforce and business community. These are businesses that have suffered purely as a result of the pandemic, and not helping them is not only oversight, but is down to active and arbitrary policy decisions on the part of the Treasury.
Livelihoods and businesses are at stake, many having already succumbed, and many saddled with debt for years to come. Despite all our calls to the Treasury to address the issue, +3 million continue to face severe financial hardship for years to come.