What ExcludedUK do…

ExcludedUK was launched on 15 May 2020 and exists to:

  • raise awareness of the 3.8 million UK taxpayers excluded from UK Government Covid-19 financial support
  • lobby for support and communicate the concerns of those excluded and wider messaging around the issues they face to relevant parliamentary bodies, MPs and industry bodies, while maintaining dialogue with them as well as with industry bodies
  • conduct research and data analysis to inform our advocacy, through publications and reports
  • provide a support mechanism those affected, facilitating advice and support where possible
  • signpost affected individuals and businesses to resources on mental health, counselling and well-being, business guidance and networking, debt advice, upskilling and training
  • provide and a safe space for discussion, to share stories and concerns, through a community forum and private Facebook group
  •  fundraise in order to seek to provide support
ExcludedUK is an entirely non-profit organisation.

ExcludedUK is working towards bringing an end to exclusions in UK Government Covid-19 support for:

  • Newly self-employed
  • Those earning less than 50% income from self-employment
  • Self-employed with +£50k trading profits
  • PAYE freelancers
  • New starters
  • Those made redundant before 19 Mar
  • Those denied furlough
  • Directors paid PAYE Annually
  • Directors paid in Dividends
  • Directors of Companies not in Profit
  • New Businesses
  • Businesses ineligible for Business Grants
  • Those in maternity/parental/adoption leave
  • Those whose personal circumstances have affected entitlement to support e.g. pensions, bereavement allowance, carer’s allowance, students  
  • And more…
This website aims to provide as much support as possible through a community forum, while our hugely supportive community group can be found at: www.facebook.com/groups/excludeduk