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ExcludedUK was established in May 2020 to represent the 3.8 million UK taxpayers excluded from parity of government financial support during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

We dutifully paid in, but were deliberately left out!

Lives and Livelihoods lost!

37+ lives lost but our mental health team have saved hundreds of lives! Please donate to save more. Thank you

 What we want:

(1) An apology from government so this injustice is recognised and assurance that this will never happen again

(2) Parity of support 

(3) Acknowledgement of loss of earnings/profit and consequential loss. 


A good place to start …

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We have over 30,000 members across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.  Our Facebook Group is extremely active and you’ll find lots of helpful hints and tips from applying for grants to keeping up to date with the latest campaign info and the latest work opportunities. Click on the button to join in!

Free 1-1 Counselling

Get free 1-1 counselling

Your mental health matters to us more than anything. These are some of the toughest times and it’s not always easy to stay strong. If you are a current ExcludedUK member of 30 days or more you can get a free 121 counselling session, funded by ExcludedUK . We are here to help, we have qualified practitioners on hand to help. Please do not suffer in silence.

Donate to ExcludedUK

Thank you

We are a volunteer organisation and all donations to ExcludedUK go towards supporting the overall campaign efforts, the running costs of the organisation and towards mental health support for our members. We are grateful for all donations so please accept a massive thank you from us.


  • Newly self-employed
  • Those earning less than 50% income from self-employment
  • Self-employed with +£50k trading profits
  • PAYE freelancers
  • New starters
  • Those made redundant before 19 Mar
  • Those denied furlough
  • Directors paid PAYE Annually
  • Directors paid in Dividends
  • Directors of Companies not in Profit
  • New Businesses
  • Businesses ineligible for Business Grants
  • Those in maternity/parental/adoption leave
  • Those whose personal circumstances have affected entitlement to support eg. pensions, bereavement allowance, carer’s allowance, students
  • And more…

What We Do

Lobbying & Campaigning

We lobby for fairness and equality, raising awareness and communicating our core messaging to parliamentary bodies and MPs, partners, influencers, press and media and wider society.

We seek to further our communications directly with the Treasury, in tandem with developing the conversations we have with our collaborators who are closer to the heart of the Government.

Research & Policy

We undertake research and produce reports to help inform and shape debate on excluded issues.

We seek to be the go-to place for relevant information for politicians, press and media, advisers to the Government and potential partners and supporters.

Fundraising & Support

We seek to empower and inspire affected individuals to help build knowledge and resilience.

We provide community support, from well-being and welfare to business guidance and support.


Our Vision

Fairness, justice and inclusion lie at the heart of our ethos, and we will continue to work towards systemic change and will fight against inequality.



Our Mission

We aim to facilitate community support while equally raising awareness of the injustice faced by those excluded from meaningful support through multiple channels and a variety of activities. Most importantly, our hope is that our efforts can help propel affected individuals and businesses forward in the face of adversity




We promote an inclusive and diverse community and campaign for fair and equal treatment, regardless of how, why and when an individual has been excluded. We realise there are many who may have not found their way to us yet, but they are still very much part of our long-term plan, together with the existing ExcludedUK community.


We will publish regular campaign updates to the ExcludedUK community so you can stay abreast of developments and our work behind the scenes.


We recognise that parity will not occur overnight and in the meantime are here to provide mental health and business support to the ExcludedUK community until they are able to get back on their feet.

We encourage individuals to use their talents to not only support the campaign but to thrive outside the community.

We aim to provide tools to help propel affected individuals and businesses forward in the face of adversity.



We appreciate we can only achieve our vision if we are working with like-minded individuals and organisations.

Our collective voice can only be stronger if we work together.


We ensure that everyone, whether a member of the ExcludedUK community, a supporter, or a political figure, is shown the utmost respect.

We respect every individual’s right to their own views.

We do not tolerate personal attacks of any nature.

Helping our ExcludedUK Community across the UK





We have members across the whole of the UK and we aim to support them in every way we can. We run lots of events from advice on how to make the most of their business, to how to access grants.





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