EXCLUDED: The national COVID-19 financial scandal
As you all know, we have tried everything to get our story out to the world in anyway, shape or form and, so far, nobody has been willing to feature us in a major way…well, not enough for the general public to sit up and take us seriously..
We had a glimmer of hope with some media interest following ITV’s Mr Bates vs The Post Office drama, but all the interviews came to nothing, meaning our story still didn’t make the main news, let alone the TV.
One reason that broadcasters might be a bit shy is that, despite it being the UK’s most-watched TV show of the year so far, Mr Bates vs The Post Office made ITV a loss of about £1m! So we thought this would put everyone off doing another drama, particularly on such a sensitive topic where people have taken their own lives…
Then we were approached by a TV production company…..
……we had several meetings…..
…….then we were sent the attached trailer ….
……….when we stopped crying…
…….we decided that we would back the production company….
……..please watch the trailer and give us your reactions..
This is where Eastenders would put the Duff-Duffs….
So, now you have composed yourselves…
ExcludedUK will promote the crowd funder for this TV pilot in this group and on our social media platforms to see if we can raise enough money to make the pilot episode (we are hoping to make at least two more episodes once the pilot episode is sold).
All the jobs required to create the pilot episode will be offered to ExcludedUK members first (details to follow soon).
PLEASE NOTE: We have a duty of care to make it clear to members that, like our own fund, you must not donate anything you cannot afford, we just ask you forward the details of the crowd funder to all your contacts and share on social media.
We also want to make it explicitly clear that this is a gamble as nothing can be guaranteed. If you cannot afford to donate and risk not getting a return, please do not donate.
The production company have signed a contract to say that if there are excess donations after the pilot is filmed, these donations will be transferred into the ExcludedUK fund. Also, if the fundraiser fails to attract enough donations, after costs, whatever is raised will be transferred into the ExcludedUK fund.

So… here is the link you need to share….
Let’s hope someone thinks this is a good idea….
Lots of love
Jennifer and the ExcludedUK Team x