Please join me in giving a massive shout out to Paul Lessiter who, feeling that there was no hope for the future after being excluded, has fought back…. and fought back hard!
After running a pub/club in Cambridgeshire, Paul worked for an events company… until lockdown decimated the industry.

During lockdown he took a massive gamble by taking out a £15,000 loan to buy a van, re-qualify as a gas engineer and set up his commercial catering engineering service business.

He is now contracted to the worlds biggest commercial oven manufacturer and BP and is even growing so fast he may even be taking on another engineer later this year!!

This is such an amazing achievement and just shows what happens when you convert all that negative anger energy into something positive!

Great job Paul, your ExcludedUK family are so proud of your achievements. It was a hard road, but you made it!!